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How to sell your photos per view on Google

Are you looking to sell your photos per view as a way to make some extra money from your photography? Do you want to get paid for your photos? Google has the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, we will show you how to sell your photos per view on Google. So, whether you are a professional photographer or just started out, keep reading to find out more!

The first 10 websites that appear on google search for the question how can you sell your photos per view are:











You are about to embark on an amazing journey! Let’s get started, shall we?

The Droll Pics app is a great way to make money online by selling your photos per view. You’ll get 1 credit for each view of the 3rd photo, and you can choose to sell your photos to make money or keep them for free. In the app you also can read features famous quotes from Mike Tayson and George Washington, so you can add some humor to your photos while making money. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys taking pictures, the Droll Pics app is a great way to make some extra money.

You can start by downloading the Droll Pics app from:



1. https://www.shopify.co.uk/

How to Sell Photos Online: For Amateur and Pro Photographers

What is the best way to sell photographs per view?

The best way to sell photographs online is by selling them as stock images for sale on third-party websites like iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, or 123RF. Selling your photos through stock sites is quick, easy, and affordable. 

How do you make money from stock photography?

A stock photography website, or stock agency, sells high-priced and exclusive images that you upload. The agency licenses individual images to the client and sells them for a set price. Then you, the photographer, get a royalty payment.  read more on: shopify.co.uk


2. https://enviragallery.com/

Top 11 Places to Sell Photos Online and Make Money per view

Do you want to sell your photos online and make some money? Wondering which websites allow you to sell stock photos?

As a photographer, you can easily earn some extra cash (or even start a new career!) if you know the right places to sell your photos per view online. Photographers of various skill levels are in high demand for their work, now more than ever. Everyone from large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers buy and use photos regularly online. 

In this guide, we will share the top 12 best places to sell photos online and make money doing what you love.

Who Buys Stock Photos, and What Type of Photos Sell the Best?

The largest buying base of stock photos are bloggers and small to medium-sized website business owners.

What type of images are they buying the most of?

  • People — kids, adults, and everyone in between from every country and culture!
  • People working — These images are very popular with businesses. Folks working on laptops, writing, speaking at a meeting, etc. Just don’t make them so generic they become a meme.
  • Food — Various types of delicious foods even empty unwashed plates.
  • Tools — Gears, hammers, nuts, bolts, and screws can convey a lot of things for potential buyers.
  • Cities — Cityscapes, buildings, people commuting.
  • Nature — This is a no-brainer that never gets old to shoot or sell.
  • Travel — Shots from around the world are always in high demand. read more on: enviragallery.com/


3. https://www.clickasnap.com/

How It Works | Get Paid by Photo Sharing with ClickASnap

How it works

If you’re passionate about photography, why not take the opportunity to sign up to ClickASnap where you can keep your image rights, keep your data, and earn money when someone views your photo? It’s a unique platform that helps you get paid for your photos, with a huge audience at your fingertips.

Make money as a photographer

ClickASnap is a unique way for photographers to do what they love and make money at the same time. Our photo-sharing platform is used by over 1,000,000 photographers, collectively bringing in over 44 million viewers to the platform in our 4th year. You no longer have to rely solely on sales alone. With ClickASnap, you can have a passive revenue source from people viewing your photos. read more on: clickasnap.com


4. wp-modula.com

How to sell photos online & get paid up to $120/image [2022]

The internet is a great place for photographers to sell their photos. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on your experience level, the amount of time you invest, and the amount of money you expect to earn. This article will break down the most popular choices that freelance photographers have for selling photos per view online, whether it’s stock photos, fine art photography, or photo-printed products.

How to sell photos online with stock websites

One of the quickest solutions for photographers to start making a living as a freelancer is by shooting photos for stock websites.

What you need to know about selling photos on stock websites:

  1. Most stock photography sites will require you to go through an approval process. You can’t simply upload your images and start selling right away. Your photos will need to meet certain standards for both content and quality.
  2. Stock photography sites don’t allow you to set your own prices. You’re required to sell your images at the prices the stock site sells them for.
  3. Popular stock photo sites may give you exposure, but they are also very… read more on: wp-modula.com/


5. https://www.savethestudent.org/

How to make money selling your photos online – Save the …

Fancy making your bank account as full as your camera roll? If (like us) you can’t resist a good photo opp, think less pouts and more £££s by cashing in on your digital photos.

Whether you’re a pro photographer or just like taking pictures in your spare time, you could make a nice amount of money by selling your photos online – even without a top-of-the-range camera. In fact, if you’ve got a decent phone camera and a steady hand, you’re already in with a shot.

However you take your pics, there are a growing number of ways to monetize photos you’ve already taken. And there are heaps more ways to develop your photography skills (and income) from selling your Insta stock to going all out and making a photo book.

Read on to find out how to live the dream and make a living from photography. read more on: savethestudent.org


6. expertphotography.com

15 Best Places to Sell Photos Online 2022 – ExpertPhotography

Making money from photography allows us to pursue our passion and turn it into a career.

But what’s the simplest way to earn money from photography? The answer lies in stock photography websites and online platforms.

Stock Photography Websites

Stock photography sites are significant in two ways. First, they sell your work for you. Once you upload the photos, all you have to do is sit back and watch your profits grow.

But apart from helping you sell photos per view online, stock photo agencies also provide information on current trends. In other words, they give you ideas and hints on what images have a higher chance of making you money.

The problem with these sites is that they provide a lot of content, which grows every minute. That means your photos will be competing with millions of other options on the internet. read more on: expertphotography.com


7. https://submit.shutterstock.com/

Shutterstock: Sell photos, footage clips, illustrations & vectors

Join our global community

Showcase your work and grow your skills by joining our international community. We offer tools, tips, and support to help artists around the world earn even more.

More than $1 billion paid out

Over the last 15 years, we’ve paid out a billion dollars to our worldwide community of contributors.

Join our global community

Showcase your work and grow your skills by joining our international community. We offer tools, tips, and support to help artists around the world earn even more. read more on: submit.shutterstock.com


8. ttps://www.e4s.co.uk/

How to sell photographs online – great way to make extra money

How to Sell Photographs Online

We all like to take snaps, don’t we? Even those of us who aren’t very good at photography love to have a go at capturing a few special moments with our cameras and phones.

But did you know that there are ways to make money from your photographs by selling them online?

Yes, that’s right, your photo back catalog (and more to the point, your future photo catalog) could earn you a few quid if you know the right websites to add them to. There are tons of people who need to use photos and images every day on websites, in magazines and brochures, on posters, and elsewhere – and they are willing to pay photographers for the right to use them.

How Can I Make Money From My Photographs Online?

There are a few different ways you can make money online from your photographs and each method has advantages and disadvantages. Some people make money by building up a popular online portfolio of photographs and selling advertising space next to them. Another method is to sell your photos per view for use on merchandise such as t-shirts, cups, and calendars.

Other photographers build up a gallery and sell photographs directly to private clients – or make money from doing photo shoots once their name becomes well known.

The disadvantage with most of these methods, though, is that you usually have to have quite a lot of experience in photography – and a large portfolio of images to display. finish the reading on: e4s.co.uk


9. https://graphpaperpress.com/

How To Successfully Sell Your Photos Online As A …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images-1.jpg

Having a website is vital for photographers to advertise their services, showcase their portfolios,s, and harness the power of social media for online marketing. However, it’s surprising how many photographers don’t utilize their website to its fullest potential.

Rather than just advertising your services online in the form of photo-shoot packages, it’s simpler than you might think to create a secondary income stream by selling digital images and prints per view directly from your website. Whether you want to sell digital or physical prints of your artistic images or sell licenses for more commercial images as stock photography, it’s easier than ever before to do so.

The Old Way To Sell Photos Online

Selling photos through microstock websites has historically been the only option for photographers. If your application is approved, you’ll have the ability to upload photos to their library. A word of caution: Pay attention to the fine print. Many microstock websites take as much as 70% of each sale and give photographers a small cut of the sale, sometimes as little as 30% commission. you can finish the reading on: graphpaperpress.com

10. dollarsprout.com

11 Places to Get Paid to Take Pictures – DollarSprout

With better cameras on smartphones and the increasing affordability of high-quality digital cameras, everyone is a photographer nowadays. What most don’t realize is you can actually earn money from your pictures.

What most don’t realize is that this hobby can make you some easy cash. If you have an eye for detail and love taking photos, you can find lots of websites for you to sell photos online.

How to Make Money with Photography

There are plenty of websites and apps that allow you to sell your pictures. You can sell your pictures as art, or you can upload them to be used as stock photos.

Apps that pay you to take photos

If you’re interested in getting paid for your pictures, but don’t want to spend too much time and effort on the process, there are a few apps that pay you to take photos.

You don’t need any photography expertise — though a good eye helps — and they’re one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money with your images. finish readin on: dollarsprout.com

So, whether you are a professional photographer or just started out, keep reading to find out more! And if you want to skip ahead and start selling your photos per view on Google right now, head over to the Droll Pics app. We’re excited to see what amazing photos you share with the world!

Download the Droll Pics app from:



Photos and Nature

Photos and Nature — What Is a Nature Photographer?

A nature photographer attempts to capture nature in all its beauty and grandeur. Wildlife photographers will travel all over the United States and the rest of the world — from Patagonia to Norway to Antarctica — photographing exotic animals like the crab spider or emperor penguins or the stunning vistas of a national park.

Photos and Nature

Nature photos taken by photography can be used to document the changing of the seasons in the photos and nature world or call attention to environmental concerns through photoshoots of melting ice caps or drought-affected areas.

It can also demonstrate nature’s resilience in urban environments like Los Angeles or New York. No matter the intent, wildlife photography involves a keen eye, profound curiosity, and a willingness on the part of the photographer to immerse themselves in their environment.

3 Photos and nature and Requirements for Becoming a Nature Photographer

Professional photographers who specialize in wildlife photojournalism often require certain skills and equipment that differ from other commercial photographers. If you’re looking to land nature photographer jobs it’s important to understand the resources required:

  • A good camera: Even though it’s possible to shoot wildlife photos and nature on a smartphone, in order to properly get started in wildlife photography, a digital camera or DSLR is best.
  • The right lenses: For professional wildlife photographers, the camera is only half the battle. The right lenses are also in order for nature photographers to do their best work. A telephoto lens is the best way to get started photographing wild animals from a safe distance while still getting an intimate shot.
  • Gear: Nature photographers and videographers also need supplementary gear for their cameras, including tripods, camera bags, and editing software. However, much of the equipment required for nature photography jobs has nothing to do with digital photography.

How to Become a Nature Photographer

There’s more to becoming a successful nature photographer than equipment. These photography tips will help you become the best wildlife photographer you can be:

  • Know where to photograph wildlife. The best place to begin photographing wild animals is somewhere close by where you can explore the natural world, where you feel comfortable, and where you know there will be plentiful wildlife.
Photos and Nature
  • Determine the best time to photograph nature. As a wildlife photographer, you will need to be prepared for early mornings and long days. Most animals have their active periods right before the sun comes up and just as the sun goes down.
  • Consider higher education. People interested in nature photography should consider getting a fine arts degree in photography.
  • Understand the industry. While it is certainly possible to make a career out of wildlife photography, the road to making a full-time job out of it is unglamorous and difficult.

So You Want To Become A Nature Photographer?

Photos and nature persistence, determination, dedication, business sense, teaching ability, people skills, and endurance — do you have what it takes?

The Weekend Warrior’s Viewpoint

The dream occupation is to create gorgeous nature images and get paid for them. Go ahead and sign me up. Get paid to travel and photograph, see the world on someone else’s dime, expand your photo library, and more. I’m totally in. Yes — it’s the dream job!

The Professional Nature Photographer’s Viewpoint

Photographers who own and operate their own businesses have many responsibilities. They must advertise, schedule appointments, set and adjust equipment, purchase supplies, keep records, bill customers, pay bills, and, if they have employees, hire, train, and monitor them.

Photos and Nature

Living Up To Expectations

Expectations influence your perception of the services and products you buy. When you eat at a restaurant, you expect a certain level of service and good food. When you go on vacation, you look for reviews of the accommodations and research customer satisfaction.

If you remodel your kitchen, you have lengthy discussions with contractors to make sure the work they perform is precisely what you desire. It’s fair to say that as a consumer, you base your buying decisions on the high expectations you set for yourself which, in turn, you impose on others.

Educating Yourself To Become A Nature Photographer

There are dozens of other nature photographers who offer nature photography tours. Have you ever taken a workshop from photos and nature at any of them to comprehend the reality of what’s required?

You may be a fantastic nature photographer, but can you teach?

Have you ever taken any education courses?

You’re good at what you do, but what makes you stand out from the rest, and what can your clients expect when you show up to take pictures? outdoorphotographer.com/

10 Sure-Fire Ways To Take Breathtaking Nature Photos

Nature photos

1. Be Prepared

While many photos with nature opportunities are unexpected, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared when heading out with your camera. Having a general idea of what you hope to capture allows you to know which gear to bring, and can help you to time your outing. For example, if you’re hoping to photograph a certain type of bird or animal, knowing which times they’re most active will help you to know when to go.

2. Bring a Tripod

While it’s not strictly necessary, nature photography can often benefit from slow shutter speeds — and the use of a tripod. Long exposures require the use of a tripod to help prevent camera shake, and blurry images.

3. Use the Right Lens

Bring along the best lenses for the job. If you have a wide-angle lens, you’ll want to bring it with you, especially if you’re doing landscape photography. A telephoto lens to photos and nature is another great lens for nature photography, allowing you to get up close to elusive animals.

8. Look to Convey Movement

Consider adding some ‘movement’ into your nature shots. Movement can be in the form of running rivers or waterfalls, trees blowing in the wind, or birds flying. When capturing smooth running water, or soft, streaky clouds — use a slow shutter speed and a tripod to steady the camera. A long exposure will render the moving object softly blurred and can result in some spectacular images.

9. Look for the Light in photos and nature

The right light can make all the difference in photography, and can often result in dramatic and exceptional nature images. Golden hour is an excellent time for capturing both landscape, and close-up images. The lighting during this time bathes everything in a soft, golden glow causing images to have an ethereal, almost otherworldly feel to them. The lighting just after a storm can also produce some exceptional and dramatic lighting — perfect for landscape images. contrastly.com

Wide-open spaces are hard to photograph, often producing empty and disappointing pictures. Part of the problem is the ever-present temptation to try too hard.

Try to take photos and nature that convey your emotion about what is in front of you, and what you find most striking. A good discipline is to imagine having someone standing next to you: what would you point out to them? Use that as the main focus of your picture.

Even in an empty landscape, you can usually find some point of interest: a ripple, a reflection, a plant. This can provide a focus and a sense of scale. If there is nothing, consider including your own footsteps or one of your travel companions.

Good light is vital when photographing a featureless landscape. You need the light at the beginning or end of the day (which comes from a low angle) to pick out any meager details and give contrast. The light can be warmer and more pleasing.

Steve’s handy hints

  1. By controlling the depth of field a photographer can draw the viewers’ attention to the specific aspect of the landscape. This is effectively pointing out the part of the scene that you’re interested in and gives the photos and nature viewer a guide as to where you want them to look. The use of a wide aperture and a telephoto lens can combine to produce a shallow depth of field.
Photos and Nature

2. Look for detail to give your image a point of interest. This gives someone something to look at before looking at the rest of the scene. This is the sort of thing that happens when you actually stand to look at a landscape yourself.

The BIG three rules for shooting open terrain

1. If you only remember one thing…

Try to shoot photos and nature that use, not ignore, the empty space. Try to show what the landscape means to you, even if you end up showing an impression of the scene rather than a literal representation.

2. Tech tip

Experiment with depth of field. Use a narrow aperture to render the whole scene sharp, or focus on a detail with a wide aperture to throw the rest of the scene out of focus. This can help negate the effect of flat midday light. wanderlust.co.uk

What’s the Best Camera for Wildlife Photography in 2021?

I am always asked one question more than any other: what is the best camera for wildlife photography? Digital SLRs are numerous now, with plenty of options on the market. But now there are also mirrorless cameras to throw into the equation. Navigating this minefield of camera technology is incredibly complicated, especially if you are new to the field.

Wildlife photography is difficult, too. We put our cameras through tough conditions and demand a lot (with regards to performance) from them. Your camera needs to deal with fast movement, low light, and the physical demands of the outdoors.

Crop Sensor or Full-Frame?

Cameras come in two forms: cropped or full-frame sensors. The latter is typically more expensive, offering advantages such as better image quality and ISO capabilities (meaning they can shoot well in lower light conditions — a great thing for wildlife photography).

Photos and Nature Autofocus Points

The best camera for wildlife photography will have a great autofocus system. You basically have no chance of achieving a sharp photo if you’re manually focusing, so 99.9% of the time you’ll find yourself using autofocus with wildlife. Consequently, your camera needs to be good at doing just that: focusing.

Photos and Nature Low Light Capabilities

Shooting photos in nature Wildlife tends to come out of the shadows at dawn and dusk. Most animals aren’t that active in the middle of the day — they’re more likely to be predated. The bigger predators will then spend less time moving around as they’ll have successful hunts at dawn and dusk. This doesn’t run true for every animal, but in general, this is a pattern seen in nature.


Sony a9

A 24-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera, the Sony a9 combines high performance with a compact size. It has a mind-boggling 20 frames per second shooting speed and 693-point shooting speed.

Canon 7D Mark II

A fantastic crop sensor option for Canon users, the 7d Mark II offers 10 frames per second shooting speed with a 20-megapixel sensor. With a high number of AF focus points, this is a great camera for staying on target and focused.

Nikon D750

A slightly cheaper option from Nikon, the D750 offers a 24-megapixel sensor with shoots photos with a nature speed of 6.5 frames per second. It has good ISO capabilities and is robust for life in the outdoors. It offers full HD video recording and is a popular choice amongst action photographers from all genres of photography.


Canon 80D

A step down from the 7D, the 80D offers a 24-megapixel sensor with 7 frames per second shooting speed. There’s full HD video recording at 60fps, and good ISO capabilities. naturettl.com

Droll Pics is a new app where you upload your beautiful photos with nature.

Taking Photos best way

Taking Photos Definition

Taking Photos or to take pictures: to make photographs, to create an image with a camera, to capture a picture idiom

Droll Pics — the best app where you can upload your photos for free.

Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures when taking photos

Do you wish you were a better photographer? All it takes is a little know-how and experience. Keep reading for some important picture-taking tips. Then grab your camera and start shooting your way to great pictures.

  • Look your subject in the eye
  • Use a plain background
  • Use flash outdoors
  • Move-in close
  • Move it from the middle
  • Lock the focus
  • Know your flash’s range
  • Watch the light
  • Take some vertical pictures
  • Be a picture director

Center-stage is a great place for a performer to be. However, the middle of your picture is not the best place for your subject to Taking Photos. Bring your picture to life by simply moving your subject away from the middle of your picture. Start by playing tick-tack-toe with the subject position.

Imagine a tick-tack-toe grid in your viewfinder. Now place your important subject at one of the intersections of lines. You’ll need to lock the focus if you have an auto-focus camera because most of them focus on whatever is in the center of the viewfinder. apps.kodakmoments.com

Difference Between Picture and Photo (With Table)

The use of both Pictures and Photos is that they help the people in preserving and conserving their memories of events, things, and people. They are taking photos to keep their memory or extraordinary events that happened in the past safe and secure.

The difference between a Picture and a Photo is that a photo is taken with the help of a camera, digital camera, or photocopier. On the other hand, a picture is an artwork created on a computer.

Parameters of ComparisonPicturePhotoDefinitionA picture is a drawing, painting, or artwork created on a computer. A picture also describes anything created with the help of a camera. Photo is taken with the help of a camera, digital camera, or a photocopier.

VisualizationThe picture is a visual representation of any object, person, or scenery on a flat surface. Photo is a visual representation of any subject on a piece of paper.

Includes pictures include drawings, photography, and paintings. A photo is taken with the help of a camera.

Type picture can refer to all types of visual imagining. A photo is a type of picture.

Talent is needed to create a picture of something or someone, it needs a lot of talent and dedication. To create a photo, it only takes a few minutes to create a perfect photo.

A photo or a photograph is taken with the help of either a camera, digital camera, or a photocopier. A photo is a visual representation of any subject on a piece of paper. askanydifference.com

Taking Photos is there a word photographing?

to take a picture using a camera:prefer photographing people rather than places.[ + obj + -ing verb ]MacKay was photographed leaving the building.

Synonymsnap (PHOTOGRAPH)Comparepap verb informal the mainly the UK

photograph well/badly to appear attractive/unattractive in photographs

Comparephotogenic More examples

How To Take a Professional Photo (With Tips)

As high-quality camera phones have made photography more common, the value of a professional-looking photograph has only increased. People who are experienced in Taking Photos’ professional pictures make it look easy, but this is a skill you need to practice and hone if you want the best results.

To take professional photos, it’s important to fully understand all of the factors involved, from the lighting and framing to taking photos of the settings on your camera. In this article, we discuss the value of a professional photograph, explain how to take a professional photo, and offer tips to improve your photography skills.

How to take a professional photo

Follow these steps to start taking professional photographs:

1. Choose and understand your subject

In addition to understanding the type of photo you are taking, you should also approach each shot with a set purpose in mind.

2. Use the right camera and photography gear

Respect your phone’s camera

One benefit of the expanded use of phones as cameras is the rapid growth in lens quality. If you have a modern smartphone, you may be surprised at the high-quality photos you can take. Phones even have ways to simulate camera effects, like narrowing your depth of focus.

3. Adjust your lighting for Taking Photos

Take advantage of natural lighting

Using the sun to light your subjects is the quickest way to light a scene, and you should always try to maximize the benefit of natural light. The best natural light for photographs occurs in the hour following sunrise and the hour preceding sunset, known as the golden hour.

4. Focus on framing

Avoid unnecessary distractions

When lining up your shot, pay attention to everything that is in the frame, and remove as much unnecessary distraction from your intended focus as possible.

5. Learn to customize your settings

Shutter speed is how long your shot is exposed to light when taking photos, or the length of time the shutter is open on a camera. A long shutter speed allows for eye-catching blur effects and lets in more light.

6. Practice using photo editing software

Photo editing allows you to take a great deal of control over your final image. From adjusting lighting or contrast levels to boosting or even altering the colors on display, editing provides the final polish that makes professional pictures stand out. indeed.com

How To Teach People To Take Good Photos Of You

Hello, beautiful people. Is there any feeling worse than getting all done up, having a fabulous night out, and wanting a photo to capture the memory . . . only to have your friend take literally the most awful taking photos of you that you have ever seen? (Which is saying something because you’ve seen yourself in all kinds of states.

I’m talking 3-day-deep-binge-watch states. That’s not a good look on anyone.) I’m not interested in ditching all my friends in favor of photographers to achieve those dreams. beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

Click and Taking Photos Like A Pro With Your Smartphone- Know-How

There was a time when families use to visit a photo studio or call the photographer home to click a family portrait. Do you remember during family vacations one person would always be missing in the photos as he or she would play the role of the photographer?

But who knew with passing time and taking photos with the advent of smartphones we could replace the vintage Kodak moments with a selfie mode that would make it possible to capture the Taking photos, entire family, in one single picture!

Smartphones are our go-to device, isn’t it? We not only carry our smartphones in pocket or bag but also randomly place them over the coffee table or maybe on the floor or any surface for that matter without realizing that, the dust and grime can spoil the lens.

Obviously, capturing a photo with the soiled lens that’s smudged with fingerprints, filth, and dust on it can spoil the photo and make it look blurred. It’s a no-brainer, right? So then what must be done? Well, ensure to always clean the lenses preferably, with a microfiber cloth or any soft material before clicking a photo. reliancedigital.in

6 things you can do to take better photos in your home

1. Find the light

Likely any photography tutorial will emphasize the importance of finding good light and this one is no different. Because these tips focus on natural light to taking photos, we are obviously talking about window light here and it has become my favorite natural light source.

Study the quantity and intensity of light in your home and how it varies throughout the day. My southern facing windows get the best light in the morning and my western facing windows get beautiful golden light in the summer evenings. My son’s room is mostly blocked by a close neighbor so I have a very short window of time to shoot there.

2. Create depth

When possible, I try to include multiple planes within an image. If this isn’t feasible because of limited space, there are other tools to taking photos that you can use to keep your image from feeling flat. The use of backlighting or the inclusion of foreground elements is an effective way to create depth and make your images feel more multi-dimensional.

3. Use your settings to maximize light

I tend to shoot pretty wide open (i.e. using a large aperture like f/1.2 — f/2.8) in any situation, but I almost always set a large aperture indoors to allow more light in. Many kit lenses will not provide a large enough aperture for the amount of light in my home, so I rely heavily on my Canon 35mm prime lens.

4. Manipulate the light when you take photos

You can control both the quantity and intensity of light streaming into your home. If you need more light when taking photos, open the blinds, curtains, or doors to allow more light in.

5. Taking Photos and minimizing or disguise clutter

I often consider my home a character in my images. There are parts of this environment that I want to remember, such as my kids’ artwork hanging on the walls, their bedspreads, the stockings hung during the holidays, and such.

6. add visual interest through compositional techniques

Composing your images with forethought will often make them feel less like snapshots. My favorite compositional techniques to taking photos use indoors are framing, leading lines, and negative space. theclickcommunity.com

Now in the end, if you already have to take your perfect photos you can upload them on the Droll Pics app. It is a free app where everyone can upload free photos.


Photos and the web

Photos and the web — the first 10 websites on Google

Google Photos

Your photos are automatically organized and searchable, so you can easily find the photo that you’re looking for. Easily save and share what matters.

Google Photos lets you store, share, view, and edit photos and videos, and includes an AI-powered assistant to help manage your media. It works for both Android and iOS devices and provides an automatic backup for your media. Google Photos can be free with unlimited storage — but there are caveats.


Hello, we’re Photobox, the experts in personalized photo gifts.

Photobox offers everything you need to turn your favorite moments into beautiful gifts for family and friends. Choose from a wide range of products — from Photo Books to Mugs to Canvas, and so much more — it’s all yours to experiment, get creative, and have a lot of fun along the way!

Photo Books

All your favorite moments in a beautifully printed, high-quality Photo Book, to give as the perfect gift (or a treat for yourself). Get creative with the design, write special messages and add decorative touches. Why not try ordering your Photo Book straight from your phone?

Which photo books are easiest and quickest to create?

If you’re looking for super quick creation, our app is the simplest and most convenient way to make photo books. And, because an app is on-the-go, you can create a photo album wherever you are (on the bus, on the sofa, at your work desk). To create yours, just upload your photos from your phone’s camera roll or social media, and we’ll autofill it in seconds. Want to move some photos around? No problem. Just drag and drop ’til you’re happy.

Not got the app yet? Don’t worry. EasyCreate is here to save the day. Think of this as your virtual photo album planner. First, let us know how you’d like your photo album to look by answering a few questions. Then, we’ll design personalized photo books by organizing, cropping, and arranging photos using a variety of different layouts. After this, you can order your photo books online straight away or edit as much as you like. Simple. photobox.co.uk




If there’s a single physical place to go to uncover the year’s portrait photography and wedding photography trends, it’s WPPI. The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference takes over Las Vegas at the end of February, bringing photographers from budding new professionals to well-known creatives together in one place. The 2019 show has just …


Most people are neither comfortable nor particularly experienced in front of the camera. This means that, in order to take the very best photo of your subject, you, as a photographer, need to be able to give the kind of direction that makes sense and churns out consistently beautiful results…


When most people ask me questions about print or digital photography, I quickly realize that they think that all I do is grab the camera, point it at something until that something looks pretty, and then press the shutter button. If you’re just getting into photography…


A luxurious, expensive photo spread of the prettiest people on the planet do well on social media, but what if you prefer something grittier, less processed and, dare I say, more real? If you’re more interested in natural beauty than Photoshopped beauties, street photography may be just your thing…


Last year, my photography website got hacked. It took me about four months to get it back up, mainly because I wanted to make the most of the situation and implement a complete redesign. The worst part of that headache wasn’t the web design process. photo.net

Create Cards, Photo Books, Canvas Prints and Photo Gifts


Snapfish offers online photo printing since 1999 and a range of personalized gifts, including photo books, canvas prints, mugs, calendars, cards, and more.

What is the Snapfish Collect In Store service?

Quite simply, the Snapfish Collect in Store solution is a convenience service for those last-minute photo printing orders you might have. You order online, as usual, select the Collect in Store option and choose your nearest or most convenient Max Spielmann location. Max Spielmann operates in over 400 locations across the UK and can be found on the High St as well as in your larger Asda, Morrisons, and Tesco supermarkets.

There is no charge for the Collect in Store service, however, please note our Collect in Store product prices differ from our regular online prices and coupon codes may not always apply. You can see the Collect in Store prices on the product pages, on the Pricing page and you can review final pick up in-store prices in the cart before checkout.


How to enter the 2022 Contest

Create your personal Picture account here.

Did you know?
If you have entered the Photo Contest on Picture in the last three years, you can log in using the same log-in details you previously used.

Register for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest on Picture.

For example, a membership document or recommendation letter from a recognized photographic association, or at least one proof of publication from 2020 or 2021 with your name visible as credit.

While your registration is under review, you can already upload your work, add captions, metadata, and other information.

All entries must have accurate captions and descriptions, written in English. If the captions have been translated, please also provide the original caption. Captions must contain all the information described in the guidance on captions.

The annual World Press Photo Contest recognizes and celebrates the best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the last year. Enter your work for free and you could win €1,000 as a regional winner and an additional €5,000 as a global winner, have your work showcased to a global audience, and more.

Entries for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest are open until 11 January 2022, 12.00 (noon) CET. We are excited to welcome a multiplicity of stories and a diverse range of photographers from all over the world to enter the contest! worldpressphoto

Dictionary — Cambridge

photonoun[ C ] informal UK /ˈfəʊ.təʊ/ US /ˈfoʊ.t̬oʊ/plural photos

Synonymsexposurepic informal picture snap (PHOTOGRAPH) UK informalSee also photograph noun

More examples

“Photos” redirects here. For the Apple application, see Apple Photos. For the Microsoft application, see Microsoft Photos. For other uses, see Photograph (disambiguation). For the technique, see Photography.


photograph (also known as a photo) is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip. Most photographs are now created using a smartphone/camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. The process and practice of creating such images is called photography.

The word photograph was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel and is based on the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning “light,” and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing,” together meaning “drawing with light.”[1]

The plastic used for enclosures has been manufactured to be as frictionless as possible to prevent scratching photos during insertion into the sleeves. Unfortunately, the slippery nature of the enclosure generates a build-up of static electricity, which attracts dust and lint particles. The static can attract dust to the inside of the sleeve, as well, where it can scratch the photograph.[4]

Likewise, these components that aid in the insertion of the photo referred to as slip agents, can break down and transfer from the plastic to the photograph, where they deposit as an oily film, attracting further lint and dust. At this time, there is no test to evaluate the long-term effects of these components on photographs. In addition, the plastic sleeves can develop kinks or creases on the surface, which will scratch away at the emulsion during handling.[7]

Your All-In-One Creative Solution


The Definitive Guide To Cropping And Resizing Images

Digital photo editing is a marvelous invention. We can take as many photos as we like from different angles and enhance them later using a photo editor. Both the Crop tool and the Resize tool are super helpful for enhancing our less-than-professional camera skills post-shoot, but each has different purposes. To get those photos just right, you’ll need to know what cropping and resizing are, and when to use each tool for editing your photos.

What Is Cropping?

Cropping is cutting off a portion of your image to improve framing, put emphasis on your subject, or change the aspect ratio. This kind of photo manipulation allows you to keep all the elements you want and eliminate the ones you don’t. Cropping can also help you to reframe your subject or draw the viewer into a certain area for greater impact. In order to fully understand cropping, you’ll need to know two important terms: aspect ratio and pixels.

Turn Photos into Paintings

When you get the creative spark, BeFunky will help you channel your inner Picasso, taking you from photo to painting in one click! Just go to the Artsy section of our Photo Editor, then select one of our photos to paint effects. It’s that easy! Choose from Oil Painting, Impressionist, Gouache, Watercolor, and more!

Photo to Cartoon in a Click

Ever wanted to cartoon yourself? When you use our Cartoonizer, you’ll be able to go from photo to cartoon in seconds! Cartoon yourself in a single click with one of our original Cartoonizer effects, our brand new Cartoonizer DLX in our Deluxe Edition Digital Art section, or blend a couple of photo to art filters together to get a true one-of-a-kind look! befunky.com


Prints and Personalised Photo Gifts

Preserve & Print the Old

We all have old family history stored around the house gathering dust, whether it’s videotapes, photos, slides, or undeveloped films. Our Digital Transfer Service allows you to capture that history before it disappears, and bring it within reach of modern devices. And the process is simple.

Just let us know what media you have, and choose to transfer it to DVD or USB, we’ll send you a box which you return complete with your memories, then all you have to do is wait for both the old and new media to be returned. Think of the space you’ll save around the house and the copies of treasured family memories that you can share and enjoy for many years to come.

Create a One of a Kind Photo Gift

Upload your own photo(s) and words to any of our personalized products to create a unique, and thoughtful gift for someone special. From personalized jigsaws and photo games to custom towels and photo bags, we have a range of gifts that cater to any age and occasion. No worries at all if you’re shopping on a budget — just check out our range of gifts under £10, and remember that we only charge once for delivery, not for each item you buy! If you’re not sure exactly what you’re after yet, then take inspiration from our collections under gifts for him and gifts for herwww.asda-photo.co.uk


Photo Mechanic® is the Fast Media Browser That Helps You View, Organizes, Manage, and Export Digital Photos

Plugin your memory cards and start picking winners and deleting rejects almost instantaneously. Move from image to image without that annoying rendering delay. Add dynamic caption, copyright, and keyword information individually or in batches. Upload images to online galleries or image services in a flash. And, so much more! Photo Mechanic is the ultimate file and metadata management tool.

Already a dedicated user of Photo Mechanic? Click here to check out what’s new in Photo Mechanic Plus.

Ingest is the process of copying files from a memory card to your hard drive. Photo Mechanic supercharges this step by automating other tasks at the same time, making your life much easier.

  • Start Editing ImmediatelyDon’t wait around. See the thumbnails of your images while they’re being copied from your memory card. Cull, rate, and tag them as you go. Photo Mechanic is fast!
  • Browse Files FasterGo from image to image quickly — faster than ever before in Photo Mechanic. Find your keepers and bring only the files you want to keep into your post-processing workflow.
  • Multi-Card IngestSave time by copying images off several memory cards at the same time when you have multiple card readers.
  • Add Metadata During IngestSave a step by adding copyright and credit information during the copying process home.camerabits.com

Enjoy on Droll Pics app where you can upload free pics. Don’t forget it is a big chance for you to start making money with Droll Pics App.


Professional Photos

What are professional pictures?

Just like when you go to a job interview, the first impression you give a professional connection or a recruiter on LinkedIn matters the most. Your photo is an integral part of your profile and, along with your employment history and other credentials, markets you as a strong prospective employee or a solid networking connection.

Why does having a professional photo on the LinkedIn matter so much? Your photo is an important part of your LinkedIn profile for a number of reasons. When you meet a LinkedIn contact in person for the first time, they will be able to recognize you because of your photo.

How to Pick a Perfect Professional Photo

Here are tips on how to take Professional Photos and how to select the best one. These guidelines also work well for other sites where you need to project a professional image with a business photo.

Pick the Right Photographer. If you can afford it, a professional photographer can make it easier to get that perfect headshot. However, you don’t necessarily need to go to the expense of hiring a professional.

Professional Photos Take a Selfie. If no one is available to take your photo, you can always take a web shot of yourself using your computer’s camera (if you have one). If you’ve got a phone with a high-quality camera, you can take a selfie.

Use a Headshot. Because profile photos appear as small thumbnails on LinkedIn, your photo should only be of your head, neck, and possibly the top of your shoulders.

Dress Professionally. Because LinkedIn is a professional career and business platform, make sure that your Professional Photos show you in a manner appropriate for your field.

Keep it Simple. Your photo should be of you, and only you. Do not include objects, pets, or children.

Select a Current Photo. Do not include a dated photo no matter how young and attractive you look. Use a current picture so people aren’t surprised when they meet you in person.

Be Consistent Professional Photos. When developing your professional online brand, consistency is key. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the same photo for all your professional and social networking profile pictures. thebalancecareers.com

Professional Photos Head shot

headshot or headshot is a modern (usually digital) portrait in which the focus is on the person. The term is applied usually for professional profile images on social media, images used on online dating profiles, the ‘about us page’ of a corporate website, and promotional pictures of actorsmodels, and authors.

Actors’ headshots, Professional Photos when they are printed and not simply uploaded online to an industry database, are done in an 8″×10″ format. Other promotional images, for example, press shots and lobby prints, maybe in many different aspect ratios. Acting head shots are often not photographic prints, instead, they are typically printed via a lithographic or laser process.

Modeling head shots are usually used for:

  • Comp cards or tear sheets
  • Modeling portfolios
  • TV advertisements for skin products
  • Magazine advertisements for creams and other skin or hair products
  • Online industry profiles

Models’ head shots are also often professionally retouched to ensure their close-up beauty photograph appears perfect without blemishes or spots. wikipedia.org

13 Ways to Make Your Photos Look Professional

There is no silver bullet to making a professional picture. It often takes years of practice; however, as a newer photographer, you’ll find that there are some things that will dramatically improve your photography without much effort.

No Aberrations

An aberration in photography is something that is left in the picture that doesn’t belong in the picture. It makes the photo feel cluttered with distractions that keep the viewer from enjoying the subject.

Digital Styling

Digital styling is applied in Photoshop and Lightroom and allows the photographer to creatively change the colors, contrast, and exposure.

While I personally am not much of a fan of the filters on Instagram, we have all seen a photo that looks much more trendy and creative when a filter is applied to it.

Unique Perspective

Sometimes I find an interesting subject, but just not an interesting place to photograph it from. If you look at professional photos, they are very often taken from non-obvious spots. For example, a photo of a CEO will be photographed from down low, looking up at the person to make him or her look more powerful.

Or, in the case of photographing a city, we often want to get to a very high perspective to shoot down and see the whole city.

Proper Exposure

Exposure means the brightness or darkness of a photo. It’s probably the thing that beginning photographers put the most work into learning.

There are three ways to control the exposure of a photo: aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. improvephotography.com

How To Take Professional Photos: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to learn how to take professional photos? Here are some professional photography tips that will show you how to make your pictures look more polished.

To inexperienced photographers, taking a great photo can seem simple: just point and shoot. But anyone who’s tried to learn how to take professional photos knows that there’s a lot more to it than that.

From choosing the right subject and setting up a cool composition to finding the best light, it takes a lot of consideration to capture a great photo.

The focal point of a photo is the main point of interest. It could be anything from a tree, to a building, to a person (or their eyes). Finding a strong focal point is one of the fundamental steps of how to take professional photos. So when you’re planning out or setting up a shot, you should stop and ask yourself, “What do I want viewers to focus on?”

Put Some Thought Into Perspective

Perspective has a massive impact on the composition of any photo. By simply changing the angle or distance you shoot from, you can totally change the mood and meaning of your images.

Professional Photos Frame Your Shot

Framing is another technique that can help you take professional photos. It involves finding something that can act as a natural frame for your composition, and then shooting so your subject is inside it. Some examples include a doorway, an archway, some foliage, or a hole in a wall. This type of framing can help direct the viewer’s attention to your focal point.

Look for Patterns and Symmetry — Then Disrupt Them

Including patterns or symmetrical elements in your photos can make them more eye-catching. Humans have a tendency to spot patterns, and it’s one reason that including them in your shots can help you learn how to take professional photos.

If you happen to be shooting with your camera on automatic settings (which is not how to take professional photos, but more on that later!), it will use a high ISO setting or extra-long exposure, and you’ll probably end up with grainy or blurry results. And, if you try to brighten things up in Photoshop, you may find you have to make massive adjustments, which also results in a low-quality image

Learn Your Camera’s Settings

For instance, if you are trying to take a silhouette, your camera may try to capture the wrong details and you’ll end up dimly lit subject against a blown-out background. If you’re trying to shoot at night, it may give you an extra-long exposure when you don’t want it, and you’ll end up with a blurry mess.

So spend some time familiarizing yourself with your camera’s settings, because it’s a critical step in learning how to make pictures look professional. format.com

Upload your Profesional Photos on the Droll Pics app.


Upload funny photo for free

Upload funny photo on Droll Pics app
Upload funny photo on the Droll Pics app

This wikiHow teaches you how to upload funny photo from your computer or phone to popular social media and image-sharing sites. These include image-sharing services Flickr and Imgur, social media services Facebook and Instagram, and cloud storage services Google Drive and iCloud.

Open the site or app that you want to use. In order to upload a photo image to the Internet, you must first open a website or an app that supports photo uploads. Image-hosting sites, social media, and cloud storage sites will all support this function.

  • If you have to be signed into an account in order to post, make sure that you’re signed in before continuing.
  • If you’ve never used the service before, you might have to make an account before continuing.

Select a funny photo to upload. On a computer, this will usually entail clicking the Pictures or Photos section of the window that appears, clicking the photo that you want to upload, and clicking Open. On most phones and tablets, tapping the “Upload Photo” option will open your camera roll directly. You can then tap a photo and then tap Upload (or something similar). wikihow.com

Upload funny photos and videos from an Android phone to a PC



First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files.

  1. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can’t find the device if the device is locked.
  2. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app.
  3. Select Import From a USB device, then follow the instructions. You can pick the items you want to import and select where to save them. Allow a few moments for detection and transfer.

Make sure the photos you want to import are actually on the device rather than in the cloud. support.microsoft.com

How can I upload my photo on Google?

Add photos & videos from Google Drive to Google Photos

  1. On your computer, go to photos.google.com.
  2. At the top right, click Upload. Google Drive.
  3. Find and select your photos.
  4. Click Upload.

Before you get started

  • When upload funny photo must be larger than 256 pixels.
  • The file type must be .jpg, .gif, .webp, .tiff, or .raw.
  • If you use a Google Account through work or school, you’ll have to download from Google Drive and re-upload to Google Photos.

Tip: Learn how to download all your photos and videos.

What happens when you change or delete a photo

Any changes you make in Drive will only apply to Drive. Any changes you make in Photos will only apply to Photos.

Where can I upload my photos?

The best photo storage and sharing sites today

  1. Flickr. The best photo storage service overall. …
  2. 500px. Photo storage for pro photographers. …
  3. Google Photos. The best photo storage option for backing up photos from your smartphone. …
  4. Amazon Prime Photos. …
  5. Apple iCloud. …
  6. Adobe Portfolio. …
  7. ImageShack. …
  8. Photobucket.

The best upload funny photo storage and sharing sites are an essential part of any photographer’s digital kitbag — whether you’re a professional or just take pictures of your cat on your phone.

There are many reasons why you’d want to use one. Storage, for starters — the best photography sites give your digital images a safe home upload a photo in the cloud, safeguarding them against the risk of fire or theft or even just a hard-drive failure.

Flickr is our pick of the best funny photo storage and sharing sites, thanks to its massive amount of storage and a simple, clean interface that makes it a joy to use. It remains the best option for serious shooters. Flickr also offers a great selection of tools, extensive tagging features, and support for both viewing and downloading photos at a variety of resolutions (including, unusually, the option to offer the original size). tomsguide.com

Upload funny photos for free on Droll Pics

Droll Pics is a new app, where you can upload funny photo for free. Also in the future on this app, you will have the chance to sell your photos too. But for the moment we will talk only about how to upload photos. Usually, on other websites, you can upload only one photo too. But on the Droll Pics app, you have to upload a minimum of 2 photos. Is almost the same system as before and after.

On Google here is the link where you can download the Droll Pics app, and for Appel here is the link for your Droll Pics IOS app.


Yep, this is true, a lot of funny crazy photos you will find on this app. Droll Pics was first created to be a fun app. But in time we intend to change it. Stay tuned and you will see the new updates that will come.

How can upload JPG on Mobile?

The current file format used by your Android device is displayed under the Screenshot format entry. To change it, tap on it. To change the screenshot format on your Android to JPG or PNG, tap on the file type you want to use from the dropdown menu.

By default, the Android operating system saves all your screenshots using the PNG file format. But what if you want to change the screenshot format from PNG to JPG? Or what if your phone’s manufacturer changed this default behavior and your new Android device stores screenshots as JPG files?

You may then want to change the screenshot format from JPG to PNG. This tutorial shows how to switch the screenshot format on your Android smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you want to upload a funny photo JPG or PNG for your images: digitalcitizen.life

How to Upload a Picture to a Website

  1. Login to your site designer. This is usually where you edit and upload your funny photo on the website. …
  2. Click on edit page. …
  3. Click browse to find the image that you want to upload. …
  4. Align your picture by using the options on your mouse.

Do you have a website and need or want to upload a photo or image? Uploading a picture to your website is pretty easy if you have a website host that allows you to use a site designer or page editor.

If you know HTML code then you probably already know how to upload a picture to your site so this article is directed to those who don’t know HTML code and have a site designer. A site designer is an area where you design your website by entering in your text, links, and images. techwalla.com

Upload funny photo multiple photos to Google Photos from my computer?

Otherwise, you can upload a funny photo batch of images whenever you wish through the Google Photos site. Just sign on to photos.google.com and select the cloud icon at the top of the screen. Then you can drag in a folder or individual images. Or, just as with Google Drive, just drag and drop a photo directly into the Photos site.

Google Photos is one of the best new products the Mountain View company has rolled out in some time. It has a great interface, some nice navigation tricks, and a smart search so you can look up images by places or the objects in them.

Though like any new product, it comes with its own set of quirks and features that aren’t obvious at first glance. If you are all-in with Google upload a funny Photo, or just curious about whether it should serve as the home for all your memories, read on to see everything that we’ve dug up. These tips will solve a few of the service’s shortcomings. greenbot.com

How do you upload pictures on android?

  1. Android Capture image from a camera and Pick Image from the gallery and upload Image to server.
  2. Step 1: Start Android Studio and Create a Project in your Android studio.
  3. Setp2:- Create an Activity Uplode_Reg_Photo.
  4. Step 3:- Open your Manifest file and add user permission.

Hey in this tutorial I am Sharing how to use a camera to capture an image and gallery to pick an image and pick convert to bitmap and upload to the server. It very is and simpler to use the camera in android and upload the funny photo or the image to the server. Select the image to upload a photo to the server.

There is a simple step to follow and implement these . and I have to use a volley network library. codeplayon.com

How do I upload pictures from my Android to my website?

Go to the website on which you would like to share your picture(s) on. Select pictures. Using the website’s preferred upload widget, select your pictures from your internal memory.

With Android’s newest update (4.4.3), sharing pictures has never been easier. With three clicks of a finger, your pen-pal across the world, or better yet, everybody in the entire world can see your pictures. There are a couple of different ways you can upload your pictures from your Android device to the Internet, such as using your Gallery’s Share button or your web browse wikihow.com

Do photos stay on Google Photos if deleted from the phone?

Free up device storage:

Tap on Free up space from the side menu, and tap the Delete button to remove those upload funny photo from your device. The deleted funny photos will still be backed up in Google Photos.

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and connected services.

If you shoot a lot of pictures and videos on your phone, it’s all too easy to run out of space. Thankfully, Google uploading a funny photo can help: it offers unlimited photo storage in the cloud — both for iOS and Android devices — and includes a feature to automatically clear out photos from your device, and help you reclaim precious storage on your device.

Keep in mind that Google Photos only offers you unlimited storage for optimized photos — resized photos from the original quality — without too much quality loss. The app also offers unlimited backup for your videos, in a slightly compressed form.


Install Google Photos for Android and sign in with your Google account.

  • To back up:
  • Open the Google upload a photo app, and go to Settings.
  • Go to Back up and Sync, and turn the toggle on to start backing up photos from your camera roll as shown below.


Install Google Photos for iOS and sign in with your Google account.

  • To back up:
  • Open the Google Photos app on your iPhone, and go to Settings.
  • Go to Back up and Sync, and turn the toggle on to start backing up photos from your camera roll as shown below. thenextweb.com

What does uploading mean on photos?

When talking about photography the term upload means to transfer information from one device to another. Photographers often upload their funny photos or images from the camera to the computer, and then subsequently upload the images from the computer to a hard drive for storage and backup purposes.

Upload a photo Mean When Talking About Photography?

When talking about photography the term upload means to transfer information from one device to another. Photographers often upload their images from the camera to the computer, and then subsequently upload the images from the computer to a hard drive for storage and backup purposes.

Uploading of information and funny photos can be achieved by various methods depending on the hardware capabilities of your equipment. Wired uploading can be achieved using your camera and computer’s USB interfaces. Alternatively, if your hardware has either Bluetooth or built-in Wi-Fi then information can be transferred wirelessly between compatible systems.

Modern cameras for example can upload images wirelessly to your smartphone, which can, in turn, upload them to a social media platform using a mobile data connection. shuttermuse.com

Can I upload funny old photo to Google Photos?

If your prized snaps are currently stored on your computer or an external hard drive, there are two ways to upload your funny photos to the cloud. You can visit photos.google.com, sign in with your Google account, tap ‘Upload’ then select a folder from your computer to upload to Photos.

Looking to back up your photos and videos to Google funny photos app, or get a backup of Google Photos itself? This is the guide for you — we’ve put together instructions on how to do backups in both directions in this handy Google Photos guide.

If you’re a beginner, using Google’s photo service is a smart move: the cloud service is one of the best options for storing your precious images online. It’s secure, accessible, and features a whole range of smart tools for sorting, editing, and searching your picture library.

We’ve also included instructions for saving your entire Google Funny Photos library to a hard drive. These tips will be helpful if you don’t want to shell out for a subscription plan — or if you just want to make an offline copy of your online image collection. Even though Google Photos is one of the simplest options for safely storing your photo library online, it’s always good practice to have multiple backups of your snaps. techradar.com

For more funny photos please enjoy on Droll Pics App

Gone are the days that you may have to download a very weighty computer. Or software like Corel Paintshop or Photoshop to modify your pics. You can find lots of apps that you can easily use to change your photos. These hilarious picture apps can be used as producing humorous graphics. All of the things that can be done using a funny jokes pics app are shifting someone’s figure. Changing facial looks swapping faces or producing memes.

On this page, we may talk about a number of humorous jokes images apps that can be used to modify your pictures. You may use these apps to create amusing video clips and photos memes. And in addition, reveal these with loved ones and articles on social networks. A lot of people also use these apps to produce humorous exhibits on their touch screen phones.

The first funny joke pics app we might discuss in this post is InstaRage. This app can be an enjoyable photo editor and is particularly very beneficial for people. Those who are thinking about creating entertaining moments out of their pictures. It is a meme app that can be used for creating memes of your respective individual photographs.

Something about Droll Pics app

The stunning 1 thing about this app, is you don’t need to be a technical professional for you to use it. The easy-to-use graphical user interface lets you make memes without facing any difficulties. Storage has customer-pleasant regulates tolls for including filter systems. Overlays and texts a lot more than 480 memes peel off stickers and in addition. It olso performs smoothly on touch, Apple iPad, and phone.

One more funny jokes pics app that you could and to produce funny humor pictures is InstaMeme. This is probably the most popular successful equipment that you can use to make memes within a couple of seconds. This application’s funny jokes pics app has more than 5000 stickers, emoji/emoticons, rage faces, and meme web templates.

The template within this iPhone app permits you to include original key phrases or dialogue in your pics. Additionally, it has tools for incorporating overlays, filters, text, and picture frames. If you require a funny jokes pics app that will help you to include humoristic details in your images. Then you should look at Epica 2 Professional.

App for IOS

This iPhone app features equipment that gives new moments, effects, and poses. It has diverse positions packages that you can pick from. Contrary to other funny jokes pics apps, Epica 2 Expert doesn’t disturb consumers with annoying advertising or watermarks while enhancing their images.

Soon after making the funny images, it is simple to share them with your loved ones by utilizing the discussing alternatives.

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Who isn’t hungry at Thanksgiving?
The turkey — he’s already stuffed.

Can a turkey jump higher than Mount Everest?
Yes, because a building can’t jump at all.

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
The outside.

What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
The letter g.

What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
The tur-key.

Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
In the dictionary.

Why did pilgrims’ pants always fall down?
Because they wore their belt buckle on their hat.

What do turkeys and teddy bears have in common?
They both have stuffing.

What key won’t open any door?
A turkey.

Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken’s day off.

Why did the chewing gum cross the road?
It was stuck on the turkey’s foot.

Why did the turkey cross the road twice?
To show he wasn’t a chicken.

What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn?
An eggroll.

funny jokes pics app

Why was the turkey the drummer in the band?
Because he had drumsticks.

What’s the best thing to put into pumpkin pie?
Your teeth.

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?
The turkey trot.

Why did the Pilgrims sail from England to America?
Because they missed their plane.

When the Pilgrims landed, where did they stand?
On their feet.

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected it of fowl play.

What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
A har-vest.

If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
Their age.

Where do you find a turkey with no legs?
Where you left it.

What do you call it when it rains turkeys?
Foul weather.

Why did the turkey sit on the tomahawk?
To hatch-et.

What kind of music did Pilgrims listen to?
Plymouth Rock.

What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?
Your nose.

Why do turkeys always say, “gobble, gobble”?
Because they never learned good table manners.

Some extra crazy funny jokes for you

While having food in this summer where temperature is touching 45 degree…
We must say thanks to 3 people..
1st. God 2nd. Farmer 3rd. The person who is making it ready in so high temperature.

Once a kid missing. Their parents and relative put status with photo on social media.
Than next day, he found and came back to home.
Still after 2 years, whenever that kid go out side, people catch him and take him home. Lol

A message in group – Please do not leave the group to go outside s temperature is so high..lol

A friend was arguing with me that onion is the only food which gets your tear out.
So I throw a coconut on his face to prove him wrong!

Wife in a mood: I want you to whisper something dirty on me.
Hubby: Your dishes!

What kind of bees make milk?
Boo Bees:)

If girl is with you – Restaurant Bill
If girl is far from you – Mobile bill
If girl is separated from you – Than Bar Bill.
Moral – No Girl – No Bills!

Teacher: What small bee gives you?
Kid: Honey!
Teacher: What small goat gives you?
Kid: Milk!
And what buffalo gives you?
Kid: Home work!

A girl gives a kiss to a baby but left her lipstick spot.
Girl: Oops I am sorry..
Kid: It is ok.. if there are strain while doing something.. strains are good!

Me: Do you have a book for men with small his thing?
Librarian: I don’t know if it’s in yet.
Me: Yeah that’s the one.

Where does a dog search for when it loses his tail?
A retail store.

Curves on women are nice, but curves on final exams are even better.

What are the only kind of trees that grow fingers?
Ummm, Palm trees.

Don’t “k” me, you bast….

The most annoying moment when you put your status single and your ex likes it!

The past of Eat is ate and the future of ate is weight and the most funny part is that people realize it so too late!

Husband on wife’s grave.. with a table fan.. crying…
Someone comes and asks – did you love her alot?
Man: Which love? she took a promise that you will re-marry when my graves goes dry – I don’t know who stupid put lot of water daily here?

Telling lie is Sin for kids, must for bachelors, art for lovers, and the way of living calmly for married couples!

Where were you last night? mother shouted!
I was in disc/club, son replied.
Oh my god! I hope you didn’t see anything which you should not see.
Son: I seen the thing that I should not see there!
What did you seen>
Dad – he softly uttered…

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More funny jokes for you to read

So valentine day is near and I thought I should go and talk to that beautiful girl..
Hey congrats me – I have one more sister NOW… :((

What has 4 wheels and flies?
A Garbage Truck … Hahahah

Advocate to lady: You were saying that your husband left you after 1 year of marriage.. but you have 3 kid.. How come?
Lady: Yes, he left me but in between he keeps on coming back for forgiveness.

Mother in law: how this glasses have been broken?
Daughter in law: Actually I had fight with husband last night..
Mother in law: OK< then how this bed has been broken? She: Actually, we had patched up.

If a girl says she hates doing shopping….marry her…!!

I love my 6 pack so much that I hide it with a layer of fat..LOL

While playing a game, i asked an house wife what her favorite card is?
She shouted: Credit Card…

Hey, why are you itching your hear while having helmet on your head? asked a fellow friend while driving wit his friend? Better remove the helmet and then itch your head.
Man: Stupid, when you get itching in your private parts, do you remove your pant? LOL

Husband was going to market and wife asks..listen
Please bring something from market which makes me beautiful.
Husband comes back with a bottle of whisky/wine..

Two men were traveling together, one was Chinese so they saw a mosquito and Chinese grabbed in the fist and eaten.
Again another man saw the mosquito and he grabbed and asked Chinese : will you buy?

Boy: you live in my thoughts, dreams and feelings..
Girl: Bro, someone has made you fool, I live in California.. lol

Wife: Go and hunt a lion so that I can use his skin to decorate my room.
Husband: This is very very tough job, please give me a easy task.
Wife: Give me you mobile and let me read all you chats..
Husband: I think, first task is easy.. 🙁


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Some of the best jokes for fun

Biology teacher told that Cell means: nerves
Physics teacher taught: Cell means Battery
Economy teacher said that Cell means Sale
History teacher told that it means Prison
English teacher instructed that cell means Mobile.
Drop out the school thinking that all teacher don’t thing alike but real knowledge given by WIFE who taught that Cell means sale at Malls..OL

They asked me – What is MARRIAGE?
A very smart and in depth reply:
Marriage is like 2 wires of electricity
If both wires connected correctly – there is light otherwise BLAST…

When I forget to close my Zip.. She laughed and said: Sir, your garage is open..
Me: Did you see my Harley?
Girl: Nope, I saw a mini bike with 2 flat tires.. weird..

Men are important part of this world..
Girl: We have lot of others options too!
Boyfriend: Vibrator can’t buy you a drink! LOL

I went to crazy people hospital and put 2 stones in my ears and Dr. surprised and asked:
Me: I am listening to Rock music!!:))

To Fascinate a girl: Lister to her, Care for her, respect her, protect her, stand on her side, love her, give her time, be with her, make her feel how special she is..
To Enchant a Boy: Just give him a smile!

Girl: How are you
Me: I am fine..
Girl: How is the study going on?
Boy: See, you are my girlfriend, please do not ask questions like my relatives!



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Funny lovely jokes pics about Halloween

Halloween jokes questions and answers

lovely funny jokes questions with crazy pics next

A. Their Gmonework

Q. What kind of music do mummies like?

A. Wrap Music

A. Because it was a squeaking

A. Broom Service

Q. Who did Frankenstein take to dance

A. His ghoulfriend.



Q. What does a vampire take for a bad cold?

A. Coffin drops!





Q. What kind of shoes do ghosts wear?

A. Booooooo


Droll meaning in dictionary – curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement. 

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Funny crazy jokes Photos and the internet

A true story in my life

When the best crazy funny photo idea transforms into the biggest stupidity

From when the internet started to be live, almost at the same time photos with funny moments from our life start to be live. We have to accept that we enjoy it to watch on the internet the best funny crazy jokes photo. This photo can be one with some beautiful moments from our life or just some random pics with some funny jokes on them.

Personally, I have to admit that watching on my phone pics with funny jokes makes me happy. I guessing is the same for most of us. Funny jokes pics make us laugh.

don’t know how many of you will read this story, about funny moments in our life. Now I ask you why for a birthday to take photos?

Yep, it’s true.

Best crazy funny pics and Droll Pics app

We all know the reason because all of us do the same. We just want to memorize the best moments from our life. And how is the best way to memorize the best moments in our life? With photos, be there for the right moments to shoot the best crazy funny photo of your life.

I know that nobody will read this article, but I still wrote. Is for google and the other searching websites. Is about Droll Pics ( my app

)is an app where you can upload your best funny jocks pics that represents the funny moments from our life.

If you have some funny photos already taken, you are welcome to come to and post them on our app.

Because I have to create a long article to be one the best for them, I will write he a story.

And The story about the best crazy funny photo begin

A true story about me, when I have around 20 years old. I remember on Tv start to run an ad from Sprite. A really interesting ad, all you have to do, was to send to them a photo via the post office, with a crazy idea about the sprite man.

Sound so good, all that I have to do is to take crazy funny photo jokes with a sprite idea, and 1000 Euro will be mine. Oooo this is perfect, a crazy idea in a photo, very easy. I remember in their tv advertising it was a man wearing a yellow spandex suit and black sunglasses.

The idea of the game was to create a funny crazy photo with or about this man. After that, you send the photo to them by the post office, because 20 years ago we did not have all of us, internet or email address.

At the timeline, they suppose to choose the best 10 crazy funny pics jokes about the sprite man.

The best idea that I have it in at that moment was to become that person. But I need a suit and it was no chance for me to get one, or something elastic and also yellow.

So I decided myself, I will paint myself. Yes with real paint for walls. Because I was living in a block with 10 floors, I just talk with one of my friends from the block about this crazy funny photo jokes idea. She told me that she will help me with shooting the pics. You need to understand that in that “era” we did not have phones with photo cameras.

Start to build the Yellow Man

Outside was really cold, the weather was something between autumn and winter. I just have to prepare everything for the big day. I already have some white paint for the walls, and I remember that it was not washing-resistant. Short yellow leggings, which I use for swimming, were ready. The yellow color for the paint I just buy it from the shop. Photo camera with a new film inside and batteries, ready too.

I was ready for the big event, to create the perfect crazy funny jokes photo, with which I will win the big prize of 1000 euro.

Started to mix the paint with the color, in the bucket on the carpet I put some plastic foil, to protect the carpet. I start to paint myself with a brush.

Start with the easy part, legs, chest hands, and on the back, my neighbor lady was helping me. The hard part is now… the face and hair. I just try to cover all parts of my body with yellow paint. And now the eyes, it was the cherry from the cake. I just use some black shoe cream.

Let’s the party start

Believe me, I was dame’ crazy at that age, and I did all this just to take the best crazy funny Photos, and I did not know If I have any chance to win one of the 10 prices at 1000 euro each.

Ok, now it’s time to shoot some photos. The paint on me was still wet, and I just take a sit on chare arm to look bad in the photo. I just had a plastic pistol, because in the tv ad it was a robbery guy dress in yellow and a black mask on. Easy my idea was simple… I will become the robbery guy.

Because I just start to move around the house, I let on the carpet some big yellow spots. Doesn’t matter, Is not water-resistant, so I will clean it after. I just touch the dor, upsy … again some yellow spots. Then I ask the lady to go on the roof of the building to take some actually the perfect crazy funny pics for the tv ad. Like I said before outside it was cold, really cold…

After 10 min to stay on the roof … I just could it ended anymore. We just run back into the apartment. I was living on the 9 floor.

And now the best part just have to come. Can you try to imagine what I just did for some crazy photo and what needs to be the best funny photo to be chosen. Because we just came after the communist system the hot water we have only in the evening or morning.

So now… in the afternoon no hot water. But no problem I already have some water in the bathroom for a few hours. I just jump in it. If I will try to compare the cold air from outside and the water, the water was really warm.

When best crazy funny photo idea transforms in biggest stupidity

Now the best funny part of this crazy, madness experience starts. The paint was waterproof. I was washing for 5 minutes and I was still yellow, everything around me was yellow and the water in the bathtub was yellow too. Let’s change the water, and start washing again with new water, but guess what? The new water was cold… And now you have to imagine how I start dancing in the bathroom.

The paint from my body starts to go off, the color of my skin starts to change to red. I was laughing and shaking at the same time.

In the end, after 30 minutes, I get out of the bathroom. MY skin was even red or yellow, only my color was not. And all this agony for what? For some perfect, the best crazy funny photo about a yellow thief.

More work will come

And now because the bath experience was not enough, I have to clean the all house now. The door frames have yellow fingerprints, footprints on the carpet, in the bathroom everything was yellow. Yep, this is true, I was a god-dame crazy stupid guy.

And lest start working, Cleaning the apartment. In a few hours, I finish it but I still was yellow. Special behind my neck, and some other parts of my body.

Actually, when my mam come home from work she was happy because I was washing the carpet, clean the bathroom, the doors, she like it and laughing because I was yellow. I was looking like a sick person, a diabetic person.

The next day I was going outside, shopping and guess what? People from the streets were watching me strangely. Even the lady from the shop, asks me if I am ok.

Looking like a stupid yellow sick person

Because I knew her, I start to tell her the story, but the short version. She just start laughing and told me that now I was looking like a stupid yellow sick person.

“Ok and now… what if I will win that 1000 Euro, who will laugh in the end?”

I just said something in my own defense. ” and now I just go to the Photo Shop to develop the photo film, with my best beautiful and perfect crazy funny pics on it, whit what I will win the big money”, and I just left the food shop.

Of course, The lady from the Photo shop keeps her distance from me. Tomorrow your Photo will be ready, she told me. Oky doky I was waiting for. Can you imagine my beautiful crazy funny photos. The next day, at the appointment time to lift up the photos, I was there. What can I say, the lady from the shop now smiled at me. yep, she sows the pictures… that is true because she was the one who play with the main to develop the photos. For me:

IT WAS PERFECT, yep all of the photos were perfect crazy funny pics. Evan that one when because of the cold weather I was shaking on the roof, or that one when I was sitting in the armchair like a boss, with the cigarette in one hand and the plastic pistol in the other.

Ready for the big news

Ok, now I was ready to send the best crazy funny photo via the post office to sprite, to get my 1000 euro price, I remember the name of the tv. campaign .. it was ” the muscle came back “, or something like that. I just send the photos and the waiting started. and guess what? The waiting strat to be longer and longer. and … after one month nothing. :(.

That is true all that crazy idea for some crazy funny pics that are supposed to be the best and perfect pics to win the 1000 Euro and nothing. Yep, that is truly a BIG DISAPPOINTED sensation I have it in my soul at that time.

The back of my neck was still yellow, at the armpit, both arms the same was still yellow. This is true, the god dame yellow paint was still there, and more other parts of my body were still yellow.

In 2000 we did not have internet the same as now, ( I believe it was around in the 2000 year). I usually buy an FHM magazine at that time. I really enjoy that magazine. Over there they have a concurs, something about ” send us your crazy story and if is funny enough we will public it”. The prize is was a campaign bottle with your picture on it.

The best funny crazy jokes photos see the lights of Publicity

“Ok let’s do this,” I told to myself.

The internet cafe just started and a lot of young people go there, it was something new for us. I just get to one, I scan over there one of the pictures, actually. I choose the craziest funny photo that I think it was, and I choose that on what I was sitting on the armchair. Overthere on the FHM internet page, I also have the chance to upload my best crazy photo. Now I was sure that they will get the photo. Also, it was the option to write a short story about this Photo.

I am The Winner “that’s what my muscles wanted”

Now I was waiting for the next number of the magazine unless here someone will hear my story. And guess what? IT WAS THERE… OLE… I was in the magazine. they really like my crazy story, and they publish it. And the photo? come on… it was the best crazy funny photo for me, and it was there in the magazine. I was really happy.

I took the magazine outside to show it to all my friends, now it was my moment.

In a few days, I get from the post office the collet with a bottle of the campaign, and on the label of the bottle it was my photo, and on top, it was a message ” because my muscles want it like that”.

Believe me, that was the moment in my life when I feel that I have the power to create something and be happy with what I create. It was not a stupid idea and stay like that, people like it and laugh at it.

The big dream about the best crazy funny jokes come back

After a few days, I get a phone call at home. You know that type of phone I have in my house… brrrrrr, brrr, brrr. It was a home-fix phone. I remember that it was a lady on the other side of the line who told me she is from sprite company. She saw the article in the magazine and also the crazy funny jokes photo and she really enjoy it. And for that, she wants to send me a consolation gift, from a sprite company.

Of course, I just give her my address, where I was living. Now lets the money comes… I just told all my friends about the phone call, and now I was waiting for the consolation prize, as she told me on the phone. The big day just come, I got a notification to go to the post office to lift up a collet.

You have to feel the feeling of what I try to talk about, to understand how I was at that moment, now all my crazy efforts for that funny jokes photos almost got to the end with the big prize. Oky doky…

All dreams comes out

I just get to the post office and there they give me a big packet, let’s say something like 30 cm in length with 15 cm in height. Aaa, it is something wrong with my collet. To put 1000 euro in such a big packet? upsy… I just start to think that is something wrong with my collet. The box was too big the be inside 1000 Euro and did not sing at to post office.

I get home and I open the collet, I was really enthusiastic and start to be disappointed at the same time. Nop is just too big to be 1000 euro inside, or maybe something else too, you know they said consolation prize on the phone.

And surprise… No money inside, yep that is true. That perfect crazy funny jokes photo did not get 1000 euro.

Inside it was an audio cassette bag with 10 cassettes inside, and a t-shirt from sprite.

That 10 audio cassette was a… how can I say, we did not use the audio cassette player anymore. We start to have a cd-player and DVD players. And they send me 10 old audio cassettes, dame man, it was sprite one of the big companies in the world, yep… and I just get from them old stile audio cassettes, of… have to accept the truth.

But the t-shirt was perfect, it was yellow and it has drawn on it the shape of the human muscle. It was one of the best t-shirts that I can have. And dam… I was fighting for that t-shirt, that fight it was to create the perfect funny crazy pics on the internet, that suppose to bring me 1000 euro.

Crazy fun for the best funny crazy pics and the end

I can not remember the agony that I have had to pass true for the last two months only to lose the yellow paint from my body. And all this for some pics. Ok

This is one of my true stories, also at the same time, I add intentionally some keywords like the best Funny pics jokes on the internet for my new Droll pics App. For the moment I’m not at home anymore, But I believe that the crazy photos are still at home.

They said about 95% of the articles on the internet never get read by people, but if someone will read it and he wishes to see my best funny crazy pics. I can speak with my family and try to find them. Anyway, I think this article is long enough for them to like it.

If you like this small story, a part of my life when I was crazy enough to believe everything in the world is nice and good. Now I have 40, I grow up, but my mind is still doesn’t accept the world around us, is cruel and bad. I still believe that the world is a wonderful place, with good and bad things on it, but the crazy funny jokes photos from our life will stay forever and live in our minds.

I hope you understand that I’m not a professional writer and the reason why I’m writing this little story.

Marian from Droll Pics.

Funny pics, memes or funny jokes, and more.

Here are some droll meanings that I find on the internet.

droll – Amusing in an odd or wry way.
amusing in an odd way; whimsically humorous; waggish. dictionary.com
having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality,  an amusing person: funny pics, JESTER, COMEDIAN merriam-webster.com

funny memes, jokes, or funny pics with perfect funny quotes.

Archaic. to jest; joke.

Other Words from droll


drollness noun
Synonyms & Antonyms for droll
Synonyms: Adjective

antic, chucklesome, comedic, comic, comical, farcical, funny pics, hilarious, humoristic, humorous, hysterical (also hysteric), killing, laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous, riotous, risible, screaming, sidesplitting, uproarious

Synonyms: Noun

card, comedian, comic, farceur, funnyman pics, gagger, gagman, gagster, humorist, jester, funny joker, jokester, wag, wit, and funny quotes

Antonyms: Adjective

humorless, lame, unamusing, uncomic, unfunny, unhumorous, unhysterical

As we find on the internet, droll is an archaic word, an old one. ” The definition of droll refers to unusual, often sarcastic or dry humor. ” And the perfect moment is to catch them in some funny pics in the perfect moments with some funny quotes.
Also, the person how makes funny jokes and makes the king laugh was a Buffon or sometimes his name was a Droll.

Like we see from the dex definitions droll has lots of meaning, but the most imported idea Droll is a word associated with jokes, funny jokes, or dry humor. 

This day people stop using this word, but I find it very interested to be associated with pics. From here is the idea of Droll Pics. 
But this app is not only about funny pics, or humoristic, or other synonyms of droll that I find on the internet.

My intention with this app is to be a social media app. Most of us have smartphones now. At the same time, we all take pictures of happy moments or places in our life. 
Started from this idea that everyone has a photo camera with him all the time, take some pics will be very easy. And the funniest pics are the best ones.  

This is one of the Ideas why I start to create this app about funny pics. We all like to laugh, and also like the funny pics on our phones.

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