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Child Endangerment

We prohibit the use of app to endanger children.

This includes but is not limited to:
Inappropriate interaction targeted at a child (for example, groping or caressing), – grooming prospective victims online by befriending them so as facilitate sexual contact and/or exchanging groomed imagery with that person(s).

The sexualization of children is an issue that should be taken seriously. It has been seen many times in society, where minor are targeted for inappropriate photos or videos because they can get away with it since no one knows how old these people really are – but there’s something you may not have known about!

These victims aren’t just anyone; some could even say this poses as much danger if not more so than actual predator.

It is a criminal offense to traffic children for any form of exploitation. The penalties are severe, and violators could spend decades in prison.”

We will work with law enforcement and child safety organizations if you believe that any children are being exploited.
In order to protect our kids from sexual abuse, we take appropriate action which may include reporting their location or hotline number out on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website so they can be rescued immediately!


Inappropriate Content

Sexual Content and Profanity

In public area “1st and 2nd photos”, we don’t allow posts that contain or promote sexual content, including pornography and any service designed to provide a sexually-gratifying experience. We also reject posts which appear intended for this purpose in exchange of compensation.

The primary purpose of content containing nudity must be educational, artistic, documentary, or scientific. Nudity may not serve merely as entertainment but rather it should add depth and context in order for viewers to better understand the image they are viewing; this will help them appreciate art more fully since there’s no unnecessary explicitness that would take away from what you’re trying to convey.


Hate Speech

We don’t allow apps that promote violence or hatred against any individual based on race, ethnic origin religion disability age national origin veteran status sexual orientation gender identity/gender expression caste immigration status marital status pregnancy physical appearance
We also do not wish for our platform to be used as a tool in forwarding these agendas.



We don’t allow posts that depict or facilitate gratuitous violence, unless it’s in the context of a game. Photos like cartoons and hunting are generally allowed but if you want to go fishing then be my guest!


Terrorist Content

We don’t allow posts that promote or glorify terrorism. You can post photos with a purpose related to scientific research, artistry, and education but please avoid anything advocating for the commission of crimes such as murder in order not to create confusion about your intentions
We do our best at keeping this site free from any kind -of content which might encourage violence because there is nothing more devastating than individuals ranged mind who conducts themselves out onto others through homicide.”.


Sensitive Events

We don’t allow photos that capitalize on or are insensitive toward a sensitive event with significant social, cultural and political impact such as civil emergencies natural disasters public health events conflicts deaths . Posts related to these types of Events may be posted if they have EDSA (Educational Documentary Artistic) value or intends to alert users to or raise awareness for the sensitive event. 

Bullying and Harassment

Please do not post images or pictures that contain threats, harassment and bullying.

Dangerous Products

We’re always looking out for new threats, which is why it’s so important to us that you follow our policy on photographs. We don’t allow any photos or pictures of fireworks because they can be used as an ingredient in bombs! Rest assured – if there are firearms accessories in question their use will also fall under this restriction and won’t count toward your order total either way (though I hope none go up anyway).

We don’t allow uploads that provide instructions for the manufacture of explosives, firearms and restricted firearm accessories. This includes information on how to convert a gun into an automatic or simulated-automatic firing capability.

Marijuana and drogs

Even though marijuana is legal in some states, we still don’t allow photos or images that facilitate the sale of this illegal substance.

Tobacco and Alcohol

We don’t allow pictures that facilitate the sale of tobacco (including e-cigarettes and vape pens) or encourage illegal activity.


Financial Services

Users are warned about the dangers of posting misleading content on social media.
Financial products and services covered under this policy include any related to managing or investing money, including personalized advice that could lead users into a false sense of investment opportunity they may not be aware exists until it’s too late!

All of your photos and content must comply with state regulations for any region or country that they target – this includes including specific disclaimers required by local law.

Illegal Activities

The only photos that are allowed on the app are those celebrating natural beauty and good vibes, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about getting caught! So, we don’t allow photos that facilitate or promote illegal activities. 🙂

Health Content and Services

We don’t allow any pictures that promote or contain harmful health content. If you have photos displaying this type of information, be sure they are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before uploading them!


We don’t allow uploading pictures that misleading users by impersonating someone else (for example, another developer or company) . Don’t imply your pic is related to the one it isn’t.

Intellectual Property

We don’t allow uploading or posting photos that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others (including trademark, copyright trade secrets). We also reject images encouraging/inducing infringing behavior because it’s not cool!

You’ve been practicing your own little bit of copyright infringement, haven’t you? We’ll be sure to take care of it soon! For more information about how this affects you and what we need from (you), please contact us at

If you believe that certain photos/pictures are infringing on your trademark rights and the developer has not resolved it, please reach out to us. If there is still no resolution after talking with our team then we will do everything in order for them be removed from Droll Pics website or app!

To ensure that you don’t get rejected for an intellectual property violation, contact the Droll Pics team in advance and provide documentation proving permission.