Our mission

Offering a flower to a person is proof of love. A love that you share with your loved one, with your parents, sister, friends. There are more types of love, but is LOVE.

That’s why with your help I will create a new Flowers Day. This new Flowers Day will be the reason to bring us closer to each other like family, friends… people.
Shades of Romeo – Flowers Day

Our values

If I will tell you that you give the value of this brand do you believe me? As many people as possible you are the bigger is the value of the brand.
From free flowers on the streets was very easy to become a clothing brand. Shades of Romeo starts like a hobby offering free flowers on the streets and developed into a clothing brand. .


From hundreds of message I pick only a few of them

Where did your flowers end up? To me of course. And guess what? They are now bringing me joy in my home in Milan. I come to London once a month for business and it was the day after my birthday walking to the London office I saw these flowers and I got close to them as I couldn’t understand who was selling them, but they caught my attention because they were so beautiful. I read the message and this brought joy to my heart. I picked up happily the flowers and thought: these are meant especially for me so they will come with me and today they landed safely in Milano. For sure it was the most delicate object I ever took with me on a plane. Long live to the flowers and especially to you. I will definitely buy flowers from you or suggest to buy them to my London friends. Thanks again so much

Federica Friz / Facebook

Hi! Shades of Romeo, you have done a great act of kindness in Brockley, I send forth gratitude. I was waiting at the station and just went to get a coffee, just missed you but there were two beautiful orchids left so I took one to the lady who works in the local bakery and she was delighted and I have one and I am so happy. I have to say you have touched so many and the sun shone in Brockley this morning???

Caroline Bernadette / Facebook

WOW how beautiful totally awesome LOVE this idea can’t remember the last time I got flowers.

Shades of Romeo thank you for this very beautiful and special thanks for making me feel special and making my day

Sheryl Phillips / Facebook

Ohhh beautiful! But a bit late… As always for me…
Hope next time you have sane ones… Omg they would look so pretty in my garden (because is the plant not just cutting flowers, isn’t?)… If I know with enough time I could manage to detour my job route for tjis pretties ??

Aurora Rincón Llovera / Facebook

Thank you. I got an orchid today that my son got from you. Such a lovely surprise ?

Yasminki / Facebook

What a great thing to do. You must be a lovely person. I am sure you make many people happy with these flowers. I live in west London so do not think you come to this area. Hope I see one of them when I am in central London.?

Bahar Ergun Tunc / Facebook