3 ways to get credits for your selfies

The 3rd Photo

The base of the app is you can collect credits by uploading the 3rd photo.
You can use these credits to open up another person’s photo and see what they are hiding.


Now, your selfie can get you some free gifts!
Selfies are the best way to express yourself and if people love what they see in one of yours then there’s a good chance that their attention will be drawn to other selfies on social media. It might not always work out but at least it’s worth trying right?

Buy credits

The app has 4 different credit packs that you can purchase with real money. These credits give access to use to access the 3rd photo from other people’s posts or give gifts.

Sell your selfies and make money

Droll Pics is the perfect app for making some extra cash. With just a few touches on your phone, you can upload selfies and photos and start turning them into money!
Not only will it be easy to earn some extra cash, but the Before/After feature curiosity in others about how their photo affects them too! So what are waiting for?

Sell your selfies with the 3o days of free access to the 3’rd photo.

The 3’rd photos are a big opportunity for you to start collecting credits and making money! There’s no better time than now with our 30-day free access. Get the party started on your own Droll Pics app account by uploading all of those selfies, or just take advantage if this offer while it lasts–you won’t regret either decision we think because both parties will be satisfied in end